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“A new dawn, a new day”

You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve heard and read from many different sources that the key to successful writing is writing everyday.  While I do sit around spending a lot of time thinking, rarely does it manifest into anything substantial.  All this thinking is leading me to a conclusion: thinking without doing is terribly inefficient and overall, generally unproductive.   For example, have you ever thought something up in your head that sounds fantastic, then when you try to relay it to another you tend to agree with them that you sound a bit like an idiot?  That was rhetorical, so I won’t be answering.

So, in doing (writing), I hope to be learning.  My goal is to learn a little something new everyday.  A single day may seem insignificant, but what if in that single day you learn something new?  What if you learn seven something news?  Now add up those days.  Everyday.  You end up learning quite a bit.

And so, writing a blog should help me, probably more than it can help you, regardless of what gems you might uncover reading this.  The trouble is like in all things, staying committed.  We tend to approach new tasks with tenacity and excitement and then fade away pretty quickly.  So, I must have resolve to continue working on this everyday.  Maybe I’ll try to learn something interesting and pass it along to you, the reader.  Maybe that will keep you committed to reading this too.  Because as much as I want to write for myself, it would be unendingly more exciting if I could include you too.

I’d like to say that this story has been a long time coming.  I fought off writing for reasons I can’t completely explain.  But I feel like it is important to tell.  I learned alot over the past few years (we’ll get in to that mess later) and hopefully you can learn a little too.  Part of why I am telling my story in this format is because I can write it you specifically.  If you’re reading this, you’re with me now, seeing it as I saw it, feeling it as I felt it.  We’re in this together.  And lucky for you, you can go through some of my more unpleasant experiences without actually having to do it.

But what is luck really?  To me, now anyway, it’s subjective.  Statistically, I’m in an elite class of, I think, only about 3%.  This is the estimation of people who get what I got, and go through what I’ve gone through.  Now that can be a bit misleading, because plenty of people get it, unfortunately, (it’s now at about 1/3 chance you will at some point in your life…sorry) but my path is still unique.  So anyway, that’s technically incredibly unlucky certainly, but my life followed a very specific path that made me lucky beyond belief.  I honestly believe that it happened how it happened and couldn’t of happened any other way…because I am still alive.

So, to leave you with a bit of a teaser, follow along on my next post and I’ll tell you a bit more about my life thus far.



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