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An Old Friend (A Personification Workshop)

“It pains me to continue. But it hurts much worse to stop.” – Fuelism

It’s been said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t necessarily the case. I’m talking about a relationship I had with an old friend. His name is Mr. Run. Well, Mr. Run is not my friend. I thought he was, but I sort of broke off our relationship awhile back and he certainly didn’t greet me with a smile and a warm hug when I decided to meet up with him once again. In fact, he basically sucker punched me and left me hurting for about 2 days. He’s a vicious partner and often leaves you to your own thoughts. He takes you on wild adventures and random walks, and usually about halfway through your appointment with him, you start hating him and even worse, doubting yourself. He thinks hills are a delight, and enjoys watching you gasp for air…all in all, he’s not a very nice guy.
The thing is…I just can’t stay away from him. I’m a glutton for punishment. A self-proclaimed masochist. Because, for some reason, the more I spend time with him, the more I like him and the more comfortable he presence becomes. What was once awkward and exhausting, slowly becomes peaceful and exhilarating. He makes fun of you if you have to walk, but always encourages you to try harder the next time. And you end up believing in yourself, restoring your faith that the time you’re putting into the relationship isn’t a waste. He can change your life.


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